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The Full Story


The first release of the "Reflection of Character series" by Jason "J.Swagg" Hamilton Sr., "The Building Blocks of Character" gives a vivid description of a time where all of the traits of character acquired during a lifetime of influences and lessons were needed to overcome a near-death experience. The book breaks down each trait and is supported by notable quotes, definitions, Bible verses and also introduces the importance of the Principles of Ma'at. Applications are also included to assist in implementing these practices in your everyday life to live in Abundance and Favor.


Our Goal is to arm the readers with the tools that can contribute to a life of abundance and favor by receiving, recalling and reapplying the vary character traits displayed by those who have proven track records of success. We will achieve this the continuous production and distribution to those who demonstrate the desire to change.


We have a vision that this series will be implemented into the fabric of families around the world where the content of character is focused on more than status, wealth or race. Paving the way for a level of peace never seen on earth before.

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